Dr. Mitchell is the Leading STAAR Visian ICL Specialist surgeon in the D.C. Metro area and has been implanting ICLs domestically for 10 years. Dr. Mitchell can provide you with the comfort and confidence necessary to make a sound decision when choosing the best type of vision correction procedure for you.

The next generation in vision correction surgery! In December 2005 the FDA approved the STAAR Visian implantable collamer lens. This internal (intraocular) contact lens-type device allows patients with all degrees of myopia another option for dramatically improving their nearsightedness. This device is an ultrathin lens placed inside the eye in front of the natural lens. This allows a dramatic reduction in all degrees of nearsightedness, while preserving the patients natural lens, which, under age 45 can still autofocus. For patients who are nearsighted, or have corneas that are to thin to undergo a laser procedure, this reversible technology offers an exciting and often superior alternative to irreversible laser surgery.

This procedure has been showcased on the "Today Show", approved by the military, and implanted in Olympic athletes.


Generally patients mid 20's to 45 years old who are between -3.00 Diopters and -20.00 Diopters nearsighted.

Also patients who are not good LASIK candidates because:

  • insufficient corneal thickness for full correction by the excimer laser
  • cornea is too flat to allow full correction by the excimer laser
  • prescription is -7.00 Diopters or above regardless of corneal thickness
  • dry eye patients


The ICL is a brief outpatient surgical procedure performed in an operating room under sterile conditions. You will have the procedure performed in the morning and will be re-examined in the early afternoon of the same day. Most patients will already be able to see a dramatic improvement before they leave the surgery center.
Dr. Mitchell will personally perform your consultation and surgery, and will insist on an extensive discussion with you to determine if you are a candidate for this procedure. Dr. Mitchell is very excited about this next generation technology and began implanting the ICL domestically as soon as it became FDA approved. Our results have been outstanding and the visual quality is superior to LASIK for higher prescriptions. To see if you are a candidate, please arrange a complimentary "Vision correction consultation" with Dr. Mitchell.

Dr. Mitchell performs all the different types of vision correction surgery, so he can tailor his recommendations to what is best for you personally, instead of limiting the evaluation and discussion to just one procedure.


  • In December 2012 Lisa Nolan had Dr. Mitchell implant the Staar Visian ICL to correct her severe nearsightedness.
    Read her story.
  • February 2013 - "For anyone looking into Lasik or Visian ICL surgery, I would HIGHLY recommend going to the Mitchell Eye Institute. I got the Visian ICL surgery done last Monday because I didn't qualify for Lasik and was referred to the Mitchell Eye Institute for a Visian ICL consultation. Getting the surgery done was one of the best decisions I've made. I wish more people were aware of the Visian ICL procedure because of how great my experience has been.

    I've never seen this well before in my life, and have achieved 20/20 vision in the week since the surgery. Another huge benefit was that I was able to quickly get back in to my normal routine at work and at the gym. I also felt safe, calm, and well educated throughout the entire process due to John D Mitchell and his staff.

    I definitely recommend that more people look in to the Visian ICL procedure! This surgery went way beyond my expectations!"

    Krissy Zapf

  • March 2014 - Molly Jones had LASIK surgery on her right eye, and ICL surgery on her left eye performed by Dr. John Mitchell. Here is her story and her direct comparison of both procedures.