Laser Vision Correction

About LASIK Eye Surgery

Dr. Morin has the experience you can trust having performed thousands of LASIK procedures for patients throughout DC, Virginia, and Maryland and including family, friends, and neighbors to professional athletes, coaches, astronauts, and celebrities. Through their association with TLC, Mitchell and Morin Eye Institute (M2EI) patients can take advantage of the long-term commitment and portability that having a procedure performed by a participating TLC surgeon provides and are treated with advanced technology lasers and procedures. We will help you determine if you are a candidate for this custom type of laser treatment specifically designed for your unique eyes.

LASIK Surgery is a type of laser eye surgery called “lamellar eye surgery” because it is performed between the layers of corneal tissue. This is accomplished by creating a very thin flap of corneal tissue that can be lifted and the laser energy applied, followed by returning the flap to its original position without the need for sutures or stitches. LASIK offers patients a laser vision correction procedure with minimal discomfort and a quick visual recovery.

LASIK Surgery is quite “patient-friendly” in that it permits the healing and visual recovery process to be quick and predictable for most patients. For a few days after your LASIK Eye Surgery, you will need to be careful not to rub or bump your eyes too much. It is expected that you will have a mild “sandy” or “gritty” sensation during the first day or so after your LASIK Surgery. This is normal. Our staff will give you complete instructions regarding eye drops and medications to use to help the healing and visual recovery process.

We will require that you return for scheduled follow-up visits either at our office or with your primary eye doctor to check the healing process, regardless of how well you think you are doing. Most LASIK patients at Mitchell and Morin Eye Institute can pass the Virginia, DC, or Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration Vision Test without eyeglasses or contacts within a day or so after their LASIK Surgery.

About Bioptics

Bioptics is the process of coupling refractive lens exchange (RLE) or Clear Lens Extraction (CLE) with LASIK. This process allows patients to achieve a higher quality visual result for those who have one or more of the following clinical situations:

  • prescription is outside the approved parameters of the excimer laser
  • Insufficient corneal thickness for full correction by excimer laser
  • the cornea is too steep or too flat to allow full correction by excimer laser
  • have the early stages of cataract development
  • have already developed presbyopia (i.e. 45 years of age or older)

These patients can elect to undergo RLE/CLE which will often remove 90+% of their refractive error, followed by LASIK to treat any residual amount of astigmatism and refractive error. This procedure may provide a better overall quality of vision for patients with extreme nearsightedness (myopia), or farsightedness (hyperopia).